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To increase your reach and continue to grow your business, it is important that customers can find your business online. There are various ways to promote yourself, but the following three are the most effective ways to increase your Internet presence: social media marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), and search engine optimization (SEO). But before approaching these, start with a wise marketing strategy.

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SOCIAL MEDIA + DEsign + Management

Don’t limit yourself to a limited number of likes and dislikes in social media; create a unique profile that gets noticed. In most social media platforms, you can personalize your profile to show your business and make sure it’s consistent with your other brand assets.

Not sure what brand assets you need? Contact the Tampa social media design specialists at The Room Marketing for some creative ways to create consistency across your accounts.

Responsive WEB Design + MOBILE

Your website is your storefront. It is the first shopping area and is the place your customers will come to learn more about what you do or sell. Make it interesting, attractive, and, of course, consistent with the style and character of your brand.


Search engine optimization is as important as SEM; however there is a huge difference between the two. With SEO, you implement a series of techniques and practices to increase your website’s efficiency and organic visibility in the search engines, instead of buying ads.


SEM means buying ads on search engines and websites to boost your company’s presence in specific keywords and phrases. With SEM, you only pay for the most effective traffic. You determine the price, location, and time that will give you the most traffic with intent to purchase. In turn, this will increase your company’s revenue.


Brand awareness and consistency are critical to any business, regardless of size, customer, or location. The power and professionalism of your social media presence, website, and design elements are critical to building a loyal customer base.

video production

Video is the king of every online platform. Globally, statistics show that customer attention is decreasing, and video is a dynamic way to capture customers’ attention and maintain their relevance. It is a more exciting option than blog posts and traditional advertising and has many benefits for both brands and consumers.

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