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Case Study

How Caribe Coop Was Moved to the Number #1 Spot on Google

Caribe Coop is a financial institution that has been active since 1953. The company provides the following services:

  • Loans – mortgage, conventional, land, and new residence.
  • Accounts – stocks, savings, super savings, current accounts.
  • Credit Cards – Master Card, Visa Card.
  • Deposit Certificates

Problem – Inefficient Web Development and SEO

While Caribe Coop excelled in the pre-Internet days, they have failed to connect with their customers over the last few years. Despite providing better offerings, Coop’s competitors had more conversions because of their improved online marketing campaigns. 

To address this issue, an extensive analysis was carried out for the website of Caribe Coop. Several important factors were assessed. Some of these included:

  • How are the key pages of the website ranking on SERPs?
  • How fast is the website on the desktops and mobiles?
  • Is the business able to rank well for the relevant keywords in its domain?
  • How is internal and external linking?
  • Is image optimization performed for each image?

Solution – Leveraging Modern Web and SEO Websites

Soon, it was clear that their website failed to meet a lot of contemporary industry standards of web development and content creation. As a result, the entire digital marketing campaign of the website underwent an overhaul. The revamp revolved around two major areas.

Website Development

The website was re-designed in WordPress in accordance with the latest UI/UX practices, and it was made sure that the back-end development was robust and reliable enough to work 24/7 without any issues. Rather than settling with inefficient themes, we augmented their website with a bespoke design.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To outpace Caribe Coop’s rivals, both traditional and latest SEO strategies were used. The SEO experts:

  • Created site maps
  • Updated the Robots .txt file
  • Generated backlinks
  • Optimized content on all pages
  • Conducted keyword research and engaged in keyword placement
  • Added meta title and meta description to all web pages


These results proved to be a game-changer as demonstrated by the following results:

  • The ranking of the site shot up from a virtually non-existing #65 position on Google to #1 rank within a fortnight.
  • The traffic of the website got a 200% increase.
  • The leads for the company’s major services such as mortgage and personal loans doubled.