Juan Santiago
Case Study

-Motivational Speaker-

How Juan Santiago Got a Sudden Influx of New Clients?

Juan Santiago is a motivational speaker, blogger, NLP Master, Youtube Personality, Personal Coach, and a Mentor for Individuals, Groups, and Corporations. He guides others to the path of success.

Problem – Connecting a Motivational Speaker to His Target Audience

Juan Santiago was not a motivational speaker from the start. A life-threatening incident changed his perspective on life. Thus, he embarked on a mission to help people.

However, Mr. Santiago realized that he could not fulfill his aspirations without a website. Similarly, he also needed a strategy through which he could make himself accessible to the local residents who lived in his city or state.

Solution – Website Design and Local SEO to the Rescue

After having a discussion with Juan Santiago, we realized that he needed a website that could fit the following requirements.

  • Tell his story effectively and help him in connecting to people who needed his help.
  • A website in which he could upload his tutorial, blog posts, podcasts, e-books and podcasts.

Therefore, we formed the following strategy.

  • WordPress was chosen as the most suitable option for making an effective website that could increase his conversion rate. The website was tailored and it was ensured that the essence of Juan Santiago was incorporated in all the web pages.
  • To attract long-term clients, local SEO was implemented. The names of locations were added in the keywords so users living in certain cities and states were quickly able to find the website on SERPs.
  • A newsletter system was configured. It was used to send product-focused and information content to new customers via subscriber list.


It did not take long for these efforts to create a change. In the span of two months, these efforts bore fruit as the website registered more than 80% new customers.