How to Create a YouTube Channel

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The true essence of modern marketing has changed a great deal. It is not about pushing people to where you want to be anymore. It is, in fact, about meeting them where they are and when it comes to traffic, great return and rabid user-base, no digital platform can be better than YouTube.

Despite being just 14 years old, YouTube has managed to attract 1.9 billion monthly active users – almost one-third of all the online users. But that’s not it. YouTube is also available in 91 countries and uses 80 different languages. It is not just a digital platform, it is a virtual hangout nook for many.

If you are reading this blog post, you probably already know that YouTube is an important content tool and you are planning to harness the incredible power of YouTube for your business. I’m just here to show you how to level up your game in video marketing for your business.

Read on to find out how to get your own YouTube channel up and running in a few easy steps!

Step 1 – Sign In

The very first step on how to create your own YouTube channel is to head over to and click on the blue ‘SIGN IN’ icon on the top right corner. Now, log in with your personal Google Account that you want to use to create your channel.


Step 2 – Create a Channel

Once you have created a YouTube account with your Google ID, you are all set to create a channel. Now, take your cursor to your profile icon on the upper right corner of the page. Next, click on YouTube account Settings in the drop-down menu.


Clicking on the YouTube account Settings will open up a new page that will show different options regarding your YouTube account. Under the Your YouTube Channel, you will find the option to Create a Channel. Click on this link to move on to the next step.



Now, YouTube will prompt you to name your new channel. If your channel is for personal use, you can use your own name. But if you are creating a channel for your business, you might want to name your channel after your brand or business name. This will make it easier for your prospects to find you and your videos might end up in the suggestions of anyone who is interested in your products.

Your channel could be about a product or brand, organization or institution, arts entertainment, sports or any other thing. Regardless of the category, name your channel in a way that allows people to find you easily.

Once you have picked a name, click CREATE CHANNEL to get started.

Step 3 – Customize Your Channel for Discoverability

Now that you have created a channel with a catchy name, YouTube will drop you onto your channel dashboard. This means that in just a few clicks, you have successfully created your new YouTube channel and you are well on your way to attract online traffic with some killer content.

On your channel dashboard, you will notice that your channel is showing up completely blank. This is because this is just the skeleton of your channel, there’s still more work to do. Click on the CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL button on your dashboard to spiff it up further.

You will find various options here, including the View as option beside the name of your channel. You can click here to find a drop-down list to view your channel as yourself, as a new visitor or a returning subscriber.

The next thing you have to do is to go to the About tab to fill in some description about your business. You can include all details and customized links in here. This description does not only have to be informative, but you can also use this for your own advantage. YouTube scans this description to optimize users’ search experiences. What you can do is include as many keywords as possible in this description to make your content end up in suggestions.

You can also add an email address here for your visitors and subscribers to send in queries. For all you know, this can help you increase the inbound leads. Apart from that, you can also add your business location here as well.

Finally, you can also benefit from the customized links feature when you click on the option of Links. The marketing links you enter here will display as icons on your channel’s cover picture to make navigation easier for your visitors.

Step 4 – Add Channel Art and an Avatar

In order to make your channel more attractive for visitors, you can add channel art and an avatar. The channel art is a cover or banner that sits at the top of your channel. You can get this professionally designed or do it yourself with the help of free online tools. Just make sure that the design of your channel art goes perfectly with your brand and the theme and colors are consistent with your website. Use font, graphics and designs that speak of your brand identity.

Once you are done, upload the image by clicking on Add channel art on the top of your screen. Since YouTube’s channel art layout is long and narrow, make sure to design your graphics accordingly. For a final check, browse through multiple screens to see how your cover art will appear on desktop and mobile screens.

Once you have uploaded the cover, the next visual you might want to add is an avatar. Click on the blue or red avatar image in the top left corner of your channel. Here you can upload your own picture, an image of your product or service, or it can simply be your business logo. YouTube will also allow you to crop the image so that your chosen image fits perfectly in the avatar box.

Final Word

With everything in place, you have a YouTube channel that is not only visually attractive but also has a SEO embedded description. You will also see linked icons right on top of your cover art in a corner that will ensure that your audience can get to your website, blog, or any other landing page from your channel. Now your channel is all set to post your first video. So, gear up to power your digital dreams and take your business ahead with your new YouTube channel!

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