What Is a Hashtag and Why Do I Need to Use It?

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Are you tired of hearing the word hashtag associated with social media trends or current events and not understanding what it really means? We are here to help you better understand what a hashtag is, and why you need to use it!

What Is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is a symbol (#) that is used as a metadata tag on posts. Do not be bothered or get confused by ‘metadata’, rather focus on ‘tag’. Hashtags are basically a symbol widely used on social media platforms to “tag” pictures or other content that is relevant to a specific topic or category.

For example, when you take a selfie on a sunny day at the beach and post it on Instagram, you can tag (hashtag) that post with anything that seems relevant like #beach, #sunnyday or even #happy. You can use a single hashtag or as many hashtags as you want, maintaining relevance.

Hashtags help categorize content on social media platforms. So, the next time someone searches #happy, #sunnyday or #beach on Instagram, they are likely to get relevant results of beach posts like the one you have posted.

Additionally, hashtags are not limited to nouns, they can be verbs, fully formed ideas, movements or even brand names to market products. An idea-based trending hashtag like #TBT, which means ‘Throwback Thursday’, categorizes nostalgia-inducing pictures users share on a Thursday.

Why Use Hashtags?

Hashtags are important for categorizing content on the internet, they help connect social media content to a specific topic, theme, event or idea. This makes it easier for users to filter content that is relevant to specific topics.

You need to use hashtags to categorize the content you post on social media which will then attract relevant users to your content. If you are marketing a product, event or brand on social media or spreading awareness on a topic, then hashtags are extremely important to gain traction for your products and ideas.

We hope this helped you better understand hashtags and you will not have to ask anyone “what is a hashtag?” or “why use hashtags?” anymore.

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