Rice N Beans | Case Study

How Did Rice n Beans Became a Success within A Month?

Rice n Beans is a restaurant that serves the residents of Tampa, Florida. The restaurant offers a variety of Puerto Rican foods.


Rice n Beans was built in 2016. Like all other contemporary restaurants, it was in need of a website to encourage people from all parts of Florida to give it a try. The objective was clear: to ensure that the restaurant became a top choice for anyone who was a fan of Puerto Rican dishes.


After comprehensively reviewing the business model of the company, we undertook the following steps.

  • A customized WordPress website was designed.
  • Real photos of the restaurant were taken and added to the website. This was made to ensure that the restaurant stood out in the sea of other online restaurant websites that use stock images from the Web.
  • Engaging web copy was added for all web pages. Unlike the standard About Us pages, the success story of the restaurant owners was added to build a real connection with the customers.
  • A shrewd use of hypnotic and psychological wordings was used in content creation to attract visitors into becoming permanent customers subconsciously.
  • In this age of social media, it was essential to engage in social media marketing. Therefore, accounts were created on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Clear, concise, and appealing descriptions of food items were marketed regularly to tempt customers and make them try out those dishes.


The results were more than satisfactory.

  • In the first month, Rice n Beans got 25,000 unique visitors!
  • The coordinated online campaigns of SEO, social media, and web design were instrumental in the restaurant gaining 30,000 clients within 30 days.

All in one, our experts ensured that Rice n Beans got an immediate ROI and transformed into one of the leading Puerto Rican cuisines in Florida.